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Spot the Signs: Reyaad Khan

Reyaad Khan was a straight “A” student from Cardiff who dreamt of becoming Britain’s first Asian Prime Minister. He was radicalised online into joining Daesh and travelled to Syria in November 2013.

Last year, hIs life and his dreams ended there.

Reyaad was on course to lead a healthy and happy life and it shocked all those who cared about him that he fell for the lure of terrorists.

During his time with Daesh, Reyaad was prolific on social media, posting graphic images and videos and boasting of his violent actions and murders.

In 2014, Reyaad’s mother made an emotional and gut wrenching appeal for her son to return. “You are my only son. Please come back before it is too late.”  She added: “The message to your sheikh is – please send my son back home.”

Reyaad never returned home and his family were torn apart.

At FAST, we encourage families to stay vigilant. Many young people continue to be vulnerable to the tricks of terrorist organisations despite their intelligence, academic achievements or lifestyle. We need to put an end to Daesh’s relentless pursuit of our loved ones.

Educating our children on the dangers of buying into Daesh’s terrorist propaganda is critical. Spotting the signs of radicalisation early is one of the best ways to avoid a tragedy. We are here to show you how.

FAST also offer care and support for families going through the tragedy of losing a child to radicalisation. Get in touch with us if any of these issues affect you.

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