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Family Values Can Act as The Perfect Antidote to Extremism and Radicalisation

It’s no secret that the days of the nuclear family are becoming more and more numbered; families can come in all shapes and sizes and forms these days – which is great. But that doesn’t mean that the family isn’t a concept that’s not still incredibly important in modern-day society.

Today we celebrate the Global Day of Parents, an annual event that is observed on the 1 June. The event was started back in 2012, by the UN General Assembly, and is designed to honour and draw attention to the selfless work of us parents around the globe.

The day is not only a great opportunity to express appreciation for parents and all the selfless acts that we do for our children; good deeds that we all know often go unpraised. It’s also a fitting moment to reflect upon the positive affect that our family units have on society as a whole.

When it comes to vulnerable children becoming radicalised (either online or ‘in real life’), we, as parents, are probably the first line of defence: After all, we know our kids best – we’ve spent enough time with them to know all the ins and outs of their personalities. We know their strengths; we know their weaknesses; we know what makes them laugh, cry, smile. We are acquainted with their intimate vulnerabilities. Which means that we can spot delicate and subtle changes that are not just part of growing up.

Not only are we best placed to spot the signs of radicalisation in our children, but we are likely to possess the influence to steer our children in the right direction in life. If they’re going to listen to anyone, it’s probably going to be us, right? We brought them into this world, which means that there’s a sense that we always have their best interests in our hearts. And we do.

Here at FAST, we have created a handy guide which helps parents recognise the signs that someone could be trying to radicalise our children. This is accompanied by an equally useful guide which helps parents respond should they spot these signs. If you have children, or know someone who does, it’s worth checking out. We love our children; we care about them more than anything in the world – we would do anything to protect them. So, let’s protect them by knowing how to spot the signs of radicalisation.

If you ever want any information about our work or how we support families, never hesitate to contact us. From the whole team here at FAST, enjoy the rest of the Global Day of Parents.

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