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The Liberation of Mosul: Families Finally Reunited

As the offensive by Iraqi forces to liberate Mosul continues, people imprisoned within the city by Daesh are finally fleeing to be reunited with their displaced families.

Thousands of people were separated from family members when Daesh took control of Mosul in mid-2014. Many of the fit and healthy seized the chance to escape. Children, old people and those less mobile were trapped as Mosul fell under the brutal grip of Daesh.

Those who managed to get out have spent the last two years in displacement camps, terrified about the fate of their loved ones still inside the city. Daesh militants cut off almost all communication to the outside world, meaning they could have little or no contact.

Now, we are seeing images of families being reunited, as more people manage to flee from the city during its liberation.

We recently wrote about how the start of the offensive to liberate Mosul meant that there was finally hope for families living under the horrifying regime of Daesh in the city. Families that remained together in the city could see a brighter future ahead generique du viagra.

Now, we can see families which were ripped apart, finally together again. Mothers who feared their sons were dead embracing them for the first time in two years. Fathers who were afraid their parents would not have survived two years of terror hugging them once more. Camera crews have captured some of the emotional scenes.

On the outskirts of Mosul the people are free from Daesh and together again. They can look back at the city from the outside, praying that the total liberation of the city will come soon.

For those trapped in the areas still held by Daesh, escape is incredibly dangerous. Daesh punish anyone attempting to leave by death.

We hope that very soon the time will come when all families can be reunited and share in the joy of liberation from Daesh. We stand united with the families of Mosul. We pray they will soon be able to rebuild their lives and look optimistically towards a brighter future, together.

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