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The Conviction of Jama Farah: The Danger Within

We always advise families to look out for signs that their children are being tempted by online terrorists go out and kill people. For a while, vulnerable young people were tricked into going to Syria to fight in the so-called Caliphate, but now Daesh’s territories are disintegrating and recruits are being turned back, they’re being told to go out and cause violence in their own cities.

But a story in the news at the moment reminds us that radicalised children who stay at home and don’t personally carry out violent acts can also find themselves in serious trouble.

You may have heard about the two sisters from Manchester who were lured to Syria to become the brides of Jihadist terrorists. Well now their cousin, A-level student Abdullahi Ahmed Jama Farah, has been convicted of facilitating terrorist attacks without leaving his home where he lived with his mother in Manchester.

The court heard that Farah had created a “hub of communication” for his like-minded extremist friends who travelled to Syria. One of those friends is believed to have blown himself up in a suicide attack, one was killed in combat and another was seriously injured. A tragedy for all the families they left behind, not to mention the families of those they may have hurt or killed themselves.

Farah’s role in using social media to pass messages between his friends from his home helped them carry out their plans to cause destruction abroad.

This is why it’s so important to get a better understanding of your children’s lives. Communicating with them isn’t always easy but we can help you. We can also visit your family with an Imam who can help them with their understanding of Islam. And above all, please remember that FAST is here to support you and your children. We’re on your side.

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