Our Story

Director & founder, Saleha Jaffer, delivering a Spot The Signs workshop

Our journey started in 2007 when we were commissioned by the Home Office to support families who were being directly affected by radicalisation, particularly the South Asian communities.

Helping parents and also the wider family to be aware of the signs of radicalisation and, if they were concerned for a loved one, providing assistance directly either through mentoring and support or by guiding the family to the best form of care.  


Our work has grown since then, so not only working directly with families, but providing practical training for those at the forefront of statutory care, such as teachers, NHS staff and police.  These activities help support the duty-of-care they as practitioners have to those in their care.

We have evolved our services too, providing direct support to families and practitioners for family members who are returning from conflict zones, where reintegration to British society is so crucial, but can be difficult. And in this evolution of our services, we are also providing families and practitioners with practical support and advice on the issue of forced marriage, which is so complex to address in some communities living within Britain.


'Spot the Signs' practitioner workshop


Complementing all of these activities are also courses that we run for individuals and families who have little digital knowledge and skills. If they are recently arrived to the UK or simply unused to using I.T., then this can be a significant barrier to integrating into such a digital society like Britain. Through simple courses, we help provide guidance that imparts skills and confidence.


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