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Women can recruit better than ISIS can

ISIS’s latest publication, the ‘Manifesto for Women’, has sparked outrage and ridicule across the globe, with its backward recommendations on how to behave as an obedient Muslim wife. Still, this document finds its audience among many young Muslim women across the globe, who are looking for guidance, triggering fear in many parents.

But instead of bowing down to ISIS’ sophisticated recruitment techniques, we should focus on creating counter narratives, which are able to reach these young women and pull them back into our societies, as Farah Pandith writes in this powerful article.

As families, we are uniquely positioned to guide and equip young people with the narratives they need to stand up against harmful influences. In this way, one of the most heartening parts of the article says: ‘What if we could take a vulnerable population of young mothers and turn them into a movement of influencers against extremist ideology?’

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