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The Surge in Terror Tip-Offs and the Importance of Spotting Radicalisation

Anti-terror police revealed this week that they have received more than 3,000 tip-offs from the public about possible extremist activity in the last two months alone.

Authorities say that there has been a spike in calls following the Westminster terror attack last month, where Khalid Masood killed five people and injured more than 50 others. More recently, Khalid Mohamed Omar Ali was arrested on suspicion of attempting a terror attack in Whitehall after a concerned family member contacted the police. Even the UK’s most senior counter-terrorism police officer, Mark Rowley, has stressed the importance of the public in providing key information on potential terror plots.

At FAST, we have spoken to countless families pulled apart by radicalisation and we have seen first-hand the irreparable damage that occurs when radicalisation goes unnoticed. That’s why we offer comprehensive advice on spotting the signs and guidance on what to do if you are concerned.

It is encouraging that more people are becoming aware of radicalisation within our communities but it is crucial that we learn how to effectively recognise the radicalisation of our loved ones, so that we can intervene before people harm themselves or others.

We recently published an article about the increasing threat of radicalisation in our own homes. It was inspired by a report that revealed half of British young people who succumb to radicalisation are brainwashed by extremist material online.

Above all else, we value keeping families and communities safe. Now, more than ever, we need to take the steps to protect our loved ones from the devastating consequences of radicalisation.

We have published a guide outlining the steps to take if you are concerned about someone you know. We encourage readers to get in touch with FAST through our website.

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