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Online terrorists are desperate to turn your children into killers

Daesh terrorists are changing the way they approach vulnerable young people online. Instead of luring them to the areas they control in the Middle East, they’re telling them to stay at home and carry out attacks there. Using encrypted social media like Telegram, which is harder to monitor, the terrorists are now giving young people instructions on how to make poison at home to kill people

This reveals the utterly twisted mindset of Daesh. The terrorists have previously called on Muslims to use guns, knives and even rocks to murder people vente viagra canada. We have already seen appalling slaughter in Nice and Rouen, which shows how this propaganda can radicalise your children from a distance. Now Daesh is goading individuals into using poison. For all of us, this is terrifying.

FAST has list of things you can do if you are worried that your child is being radicalised online. It may be difficult to be sure, but always put the safety of your child first. So reach out and talk to:

  • Friends or family
  • A trusted community or faith leader
  • Your child’s school, college or university where there will be child safeguarding leads
  • The police
  • Local health and mental health services

Please do not suffer in silence. Daesh is a menace to all our families.

Deepening your bond with your children will make them stronger and more capable of resisting their messages. We will do our best to identify the online threats so you know exactly what to look out for.

If you have any concerns that your child or relative might be reading dangerous material online, please visit our help page:

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