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The Liberation of Dabiq and What It Means for Us

In a small settlement in the Syrian desert, families are celebrating the end of a terrible ordeal. The town of Dabiq has just been liberated from Daesh. Life for the residents can now slowly return to normal.

Dabiq may be small but its liberation has great implications for all of us who’ve worked to stop Daesh terrorists preying on our loved ones. That’s because it had huge symbolic importance to them.

Their propaganda was full of references to Dabiq; they said it would be the scene of a great, victorious battle against those who don’t follow their contorted version of Islam. Daesh even named their magazine after it.

The people who have been sucked in by their ideology believed in their vision and what they said about Dabiq. Now that vision lies in tatters for all to see. Far from a great victory, Daesh put up very little resistance and the place that once represented a call to arms now stands as an embarrassing emblem of the fall of their so-called ‘caliphate’.

Local newspapers reported the liberation of the village alongside an image of young children displaying the ‘V’ for victory sign with their fingers. The hell of life under Daesh is over and they and their families can rebuild their lives and look forward to a brighter future.

Of course, Daesh still present a threat to our families here and vulnerable people are continuing to fall for their propaganda. As they lose their state, their online presence becomes increasingly vital to them.

It is therefore vital that we work harder than ever to protect our loved ones from Daesh by being alert to signs that might indicate that they are under the influence of radicalisation. Click here to find out more about how to protect your family online.

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