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ISIS Recruitment of Women – BBC Programme Review

Last week a BBC television programme looked into the recruitment of young women online by ISIS. This show concluded what we at FAST have been saying for a long time – that teenage girls in the UK, seemingly with everything going for them here, are being targeted, groomed and radicalised digitally by extremists.

This did not make easy viewing, as heartbroken family talked about the pain they’re going through, and what the girls who’ve travelled leave behind. The key point is that ISIS promises a simple way out for young people who are confused about their identity, but that the reality is a brutal, violent regime that more and more are getting caught up in. As with anything online, it can happen so quickly; which makes spotting the signs and taking action of such importance for families.

Many of the examples sighted in the documentary are girls from comfortable backgrounds, that were well educated and, at least to the naked eye, happy with life at home. For the most part, these are highly intelligent individuals, who were led astray by an increasingly complicated and dangerous group.

At FAST, we have spoken to parents who have been through this very issue; mothers and fathers with no idea whether their children are dead or alive. No one should have to go through this, which is why we urge everyone to learn more about the issue, discuss it openly with their loved ones, and intervene if they feel something isn’t right.

You can watch the programme on BBC iPlayer here.

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