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Holiday Gatherings of Love and Sincerity

As the year wraps to a close amid the festivities, families gather for the holidays – a rare chance to be enveloped in the warmth of loved ones, share views in an open and comfortable environment, and dip into a bite or two!

While chasing the kids around the house and washing the ever-growing pile of dishes, it’s also a time to nurture our ties and protect each other. Parents will be able to take the time to speak to their children about their joys, hopes, fears and worries. They can also explore how children are spending time online and be vigilant about the dangers of online forums. In such a climate, children should be able to open up about their concerns with sincerity, and parents should find solutions to deal with each of them.

Many young people also consider going abroad over this stretch, whether it’s to visit families or help with charity initiatives. But families should be acute to the risks of travelling abroad, particularly when young people are prone to influence through unfamiliar peer groups.

Despite all the discounted chocolate and nostalgia-inducing movies, sometimes the end of year can bring about a sense of anxiety for the future. Be clear about the positive impact your child or sibling can have in their local community through social projects and community work.

If you’re worried about a member of your family, and would like assistance in approaching fears around extremism, please have a look at our ‘What To Do’ page and get in touch.

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